"Just wanted to say thanks for your great teaching and support of wherever we are on our drumming paths. I'm excited about getting in touch with that primal energy and seeing how it can express through my hands. You are a gifted drummer in my opinion and an even more gifted teacher!"  -~ Liz

"Really enjoying your classes. The first night I had that wonderful experience, of feeling extremely energized in my torso. It was at least two happy chakras! LOL!! That feeling of being one with the beat, of wanting to dance it... in fact, IT was dancing inside me."  ~Vickie 

"We enjoyed your class so much, and are eager to sign up for another...thanks again for your beautiful music and charisma!"  ~Yvonne

"I like the drumming very much. I'm looking forward to the next class. I'm looking forward to the teachers, too. They are very kind. I'm not perfect yet, but maybe someday!"  Victoria, 93 yrs. old 

"I loved your class yesterday, and went right out and bought a drum!"  ~L.

"It's just sort of a natural thing for people to drum. Drumming has been around for a very long time. It feels good."  ~Carolyn, 86 yrs old. 

"I've never felt like I belonged anywhere, but I do with your class. My soul and my spirit NEED drumming. And like I told you Friday, YOU make it wonderful. You are so safe and I never feel judged."  ~Laura

"I think it is fun and you don't have to cut your finger nails! It is a good social time activity"  ~Marilyn, 79 yrs. old

"Thank you for what you do and the great job you are doing, doing it."  ~B. 

"I think it is really exciting, especially at the end when it is really loud and we all stop. Jennifer has taught us to stop together and we were able to do it!"  ~Jean, 91 yrs. old. 

"My daughter and I have enjoyed your class at the college immensly...needless to say, we have been bitten by the drum bug!"  ~L.

"Thank you for your recent performance...you received rave reviews!"  ~D.

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