​​​how iteach...(yes, there is a methodto my madness!)

Whether your goal is to provide high-energy, engaging entertainment for your parties or events, stimulate creativity and nurture team building skills amongst your employees, tap into therapeutic benefits for your clients with disabilities, foster an environment rich with cultural diversity in your classroom, or simply drum for the sheer joy of drumming, there is definitely something for everyone! 

I strive to make my classes a comfortable place for everyone, regardless of age, skill level, etc.  Here you'll find an environment free of judgment and criticism, ego and intimidation. My job is to make sure every person in the room finds a place in each rhythm with their own unique drumming voice. 

In my classes, you'll find an attitude of acceptance, as we are all united by our common desire to explore and create something amazing with our own two hands. For an hour or two, we leave all our troubles and baggage behind, and truly live in the moment. The drums and rhythms we study can work magic in our lives if we let them. I don't always know what personal burdens people are carrying with them when they enter my classes, but I do know that they generally leave feeling a little lighter and a little more connected to the world around them. 

In my teen/adult classes, I place significant importance upon the establishment of a solid foundation for my students. I pay particular attention to hand patterns, posture, and technique, in order to minimize fatigue, maximize stamina, and avoid injury. We learn the basics via Babatunde Olatunji's Gun Go Do method, which is a way of associating the spoken word with the various sounds produced by striking the drum. We learn to vocalize rhythms, commit them to memory, and then translate them into songs played on our drums. After only one session, we very literally are making beautiful music together from almost the moment we first pick up the drums! 

​Classes or 1-2 day workshops can be specially tailored to suit your organization's needs.  If you would like to arrange a performance, series of classes, or workshop in your town, school, workplace, etc., please email me at: jennifermerlich@yahoo.com 

(Drums are available for student use.)​

"Thank you, Jennifer! I loved your class. It is so much more than just a drumming class. It is a class on self-esteem, finding one's voice,  and becoming a contributing part of the whole. I loved it. Namaste."   Kathleena